College Admission Consulting by
Sudzina & Associates, LLC

Dr. Mary Sudzina, Director
Sudzina & Associates, LLC offers expert, personalized, college admission consulting in Charleston, SC. Services provided include mentoring for both the rising high school student preparing for college, as well as for those students and families in the college search process.

Services Provided

Services are customized to meet individual needs and may include advice on:

* testing - what, when, and where (PSAT/AP/IB/SAT/ACT)
* high school curriculum selection
* constructing a resume
* creating a college interest paper trail
* college selection
* establishing college contacts and connections
* completing the college application
* recommendations
* writing the college essay - subject, grammar, and style
* attending a college fair
* preparing for the college interview
* planning the college visit
* applying for academic scholarships
* responding to college offers

Contact Information

Dr. Mary Sudzina
Sudzina & Associates, LLC
316 Hidden Bottom Lane
Charleston, South Carolina 29492

843.471.2260 (o)
843.471.2261 (f)